May 4 Covered Dish Supper

Last Saturday evening, more than 30 classmates and spouses gathered at Grace Episcopal Church on Merrimon Ave.  Principal Don Jones and wife Gladys wrote that they had weekend company and couldn’t attend; however, they are looking forward to joining us at the 50th.

Robin Kirby Duncan traveled the farthest distance from Wylie, TX near Dallas.  She was in town checking on her mother.  Jim Robertson and wife Claire from Maryland were runners up.  They were here since they will miss the 50th (their son is getting married that weekend).  Jimmy Hoyle came and brought along Leslie Johnson and wife.  Leslie has retired from his CPA practice, and he and Robin live at their beach house in Bluffton, SC.  Charlie Worley had pictures:  he and Nancy became first-time grandparents that week when daughter Megan and her husband had a son.  Click here to see photos from the supper.

We had a sharing session when everyone told something about his or her life.  We noted that, at this stage, many classmates had at least one artificial joint.  Then there were David Brott and his wife Dot who have hiked all but the last 240 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  They will work on those last miles this summer.

Jean Clayton gave an overview of the 50th Reunion.  She reminded classmates that the committee would like items for the raffle on Saturday evening.  Gladys brought a cork wreath she had made, enduring comments about her wine consumption (she’s a part-time bartender).  Michael Hughey repeated his promise to donate some of his calligraphy and Charlie Worley some of his photography work.  Anyone else who has a donation for the raffle (perhaps even a gift certificate or a night at a beach house), please e-mail Suzanne Pollitt Smith.

What did you miss?  Good food, good fellowship, and good conversation.  Most of all, a heads up on recognizing classmates at the 50th this fall!