Welcome to the Lee Edwards Class of 1963 Web Site

On June 6, 1963, 408 seniors became Lee Edwards High School graduates in a ceremony at the Asheville City Auditorium.  Three years before, we had come from the rival junior highs of Hall Fletcher and David Millard.  By graduation we became one—eager to start our lives in the world.  We became soldiers, workers, and college students.  Through the years we worked, had children and grandchildren, and attended a few reunions.  And finally the event we could never imagine at age 18:  our 50th high school reunion.   Our principal Don Jones was only 26 when he came to head Lee H. Edwards High School in 1960.  Ours was his first “start to finish” graduation class.  He is now Dr. Don Jones and feels a special closeness to our class, attending our covered dish dinners and reunions.  He and wife Gladys plan to help us celebrate the 50th.